Keeping In Touch

                                     Photo taken at Lands End, San Francisco, California

As a child we go to school and during the summer we spend it with our families, abroad, at summer camps or in various other ways. The point is after the summer we all go back to the classroom, trade war stories and start all over again. The process is quite similar as we go through secondary school and even through university. Although during the transition between primary school, secondary school and university, friends may move away, but personally I found most stayed close by and remained in a similar routine to mine.

Now, as majority of us have graduated, our lives are very different and our schedules are certainly worlds apart. Friends have chosen to continue their education, others have immigrated, others have found themselves with permanent nine to five jobs in their field of study and others have chosen to travel the world!  We take holidays at different times, have different priorities and our day to day lives vary greatly.

When I decided to immigrate my dad asked me what I was most nervous about. I know he was expecting me to say ‘knowing no-one’ or ‘moving away from my family’ or anything along those lines, instead I replied with ‘losing touch with my friends’. He quickly reminded me that one of my best friends lives in Philadelphia and it had been over a year since I had seen her, he then went on to remind me of another friend who had just come back from two years in Australia, both friends I am still in touch with.

Recently the time difference has started to get to me… eight hours is proving to be a nightmare when trying to arrange chats with friends. When I get up, they’re in work, and when I’m finished work they’re in bed. Now my sister has had the bright idea to make things more difficult by moving to Finland for five months… that’s a TEN hour time difference. Last Sunday I had a three-way Skype call with my family, in San Francisco it was morning, Ireland late afternoon and in Finland it was night time. Imagine what it was like when we didn’t have Skype!

Although I have always said I didn’t want this site to become too personal, I have quickly come to realize that it might be the easiest way to keep everyone informed. While I still intend to keep information broad enough, I am going to start documenting more of my adventure here. Till next time…

Through A Childs Eyes


I’ve never had one of those ‘when I grow up I want to be…’ moments. I was never sure what I wanted to be, even now I’m not 100% sure. But I know I’ll get there eventually!

Last weekend I was babysitting a local family, one of the children asked me did I like my job. I politely smiled. Now don’t get me wrong I love my job, I work in a fabulous organisation, have great responsibility and have gained exposure in areas of the industry I use to only dream about.

Of course that question was followed by many other questions. Do you do something new every day? Is it fun? All the questions got me thinking… Children have such an innocent view on life, to them it seems silly for someone to do a job that isn’t their dream job! When did that change? At what age do we stop thinking that way?

I have always been a strong believer in never doing something that does not make you happy! My parents use to laugh at me each time I reminded them of that. Dad would always say ‘everyone must start with the ‘dirty jobs’ and make their way up’. I can understand this concept as I see so many of my friends on the repetitive cycle of look for a job, go for an interview, not get the job  due to no experience. How on earth is anyone meant to gain this experience if they no-one will take a leap of faith and give them a job??

I have totally gone off topic… welcome to my mind!

At what point in a child’s life are they told being an astronaut/ firefighter/ princess is not realistic? Why can’t we all grow up understanding that anything is possible with some hard work and dedication? Fair enough, being a princess is a bit far fetch, but a girl can dream!

It’s time to teach the children in your life that they can achieve anything they want once they set their mind to it! Better yet, show them!!