Roam Burger


Anyone who knows me from San Francisco will not be surprised that this restaurant is my first food post… I rave about this place and insist on taking everyone there! Roam Burger, is where the best burgers in the Bay can be found.

They have two locations in the bay one on Union St. and the other on  Fillmore St.. Myself and my roommate actually stumbled upon these delicious burgers by accident. We had been invited to a house party on Fillmore and knew we had to have a bite to eat beforehand. Coming from Ireland I have been blessed to grow up with grass fed meat, a luxury I completely took for granted. When buying meat here there isn’t always the option of ‘grass-fed’ and if there is it is rarely within budget.

What to order:

I always order ‘The Classic‘ which comes with tomato, lettuce, onion and pickles. I personally hate tomatoes and pickles, so I ask for them to be left out. There is beef, turkey, vegetarian and bison to choose from, I always opt for the beef which is grass fed. You then have the option of a lettuce wrap instead of the regular bun for those who are a little more health conscious. I have opted for the lettuce wrap on a few occasions and have found it can be very hit or miss. If it is not ‘wrapped’ properly in the kitchen the whole burger can fall apart in your hands. If you want fries you have to order them separately, I always get the ‘sweet potato fries’ which never disappoint.

Roam Burger


The Classic – $7.99

Sweet Potato fries – $3.99


The set up for Roam Burger is very standard by San Francisco standard. You go in, order your food, pay for your food, take a number and find a seat. I personally prefer the layout of the Fillmore branch, there is more seating and a nicer atmosphere. I find this set up works if you want to eat and go, not exactly the place you can sit and chat after finishing your food as there is a demand for seating.


I am giving Roam Burger 4/5 stars. I attended the Union St. branch when they were very busy and found there was very poor management when it came to customers finding seats before their food was ready. People that ordered after us took seats ahead of people that were previously waiting. Also on the odd occasion I have received fries that were ‘warm’ but not ‘hot’. But overall the food is fab and the staff are friendly, the loss of one star will not stop me from continuously returning 🙂


Brunching & Munching


As my life pretty much revolves around food I thought it was only appropriate that I start to document some of those experience. I started with an excel sheet (very organized I know) of places that have been recommended to me and also places I have tried myself. As friends and family begin to visit San Francisco they will be looking for recommendations and I find whenever I am asked on the spot I blank, so hopefully this will kill two birds with one stone. Besides if anyone ever comments on my eating habits (which I hope will never be the case) I can say it’s research…. 🙂

As previous mentioned in another blog post weekend brunch is extremely popular here in California. The price range of food varies as much as the lines you find yourself standing in. In each post I will try give a price estimate, if they take reservations and maybe even a rating. It will be trial and error for the first while but hopefully I’ll get there eventually!