Hopwater Distribution

Hopwater Distribution

For the past 7 months I have been in search of ‘proper’ fries. Up until yesterday all fries fell short of meeting my criteria of chunky, real potatoes cooked to perfection. You’d think a city with so many Irish bars they’d at least be serving some proper fries with a good dose of malt vinegar. Anyone looking for a new business venture? I’m telling you there is a market here for some decent Irish food. Now that the beef import ban has been lifted there might be hope of getting a decent Irish fry!

Anyway… Hopwater Distribution is located a short walk from Union Square. Here you will find 31 ‘All-California Beers’ on tap. Don’t worry this list is often rotated so there will always be something new to try! I have been here on two occasions and have enjoyed various light blonde beers. The beers are reasonable prices between $6-$8.


What to order:

Now for the main event… the food! Last night I ordered the Angus Ground Chuck/Brisket Burger. It was served with scallion aioli, arugula, acme bun and steak fries. While the burger was delicious the main event was the steak cut fries. The fries were fresh and thick cut. Next time I go back I will be arriving equipped with Heniz malt vinegar… it truly was the only thing that was missing. Other members of our group ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich and really enjoyed that.


Angus Ground Chuck/Brisket Burger with steak fries  – $10

Beer – $6


Hopwater Distribution is pleasantly bright and open. There is a variation of both high-tops and regular tables. Although only 3 blocks away from the tenderloin Hopwater Distribution draws a good crowd. While both times I have gone it has been with a large group the bar is also suitable for smaller groups! There is also setting upstairs for parties of two.


Without a doubt I am giving Hopwater Distribution 5/5 stars. There is only one thing I would change which would be to provide malt vinegar, but to be honest I think that is more of an Irish thing. The bar tenders are on hand to give advice when selecting your beer and do not rush you to make a decision no matter how busy they are.


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