Get up, dress up, show up and never give up!

Get up, dress up, show up _ never give up!! by Genevieve Rhode #16130

As I plan to move away I find it is important to spend quality time with those closest to me, especially my grandmother. She lives close by, however, during the summer months she spends it down in Connemara to be near her only daughter. My grandfather and her bought a house down there as they wanted to be near by to see their grandchildren grow up.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I went down and spent time with her and I am so glad I did. I had the opportunity to sit down with her and learn about the era she grew up in, what was acceptable/ what was not and how women were expected to appear. Now I am a girl who enjoys her comfort, I don’t fuss over my clothes and I certainly don’t mind leaving the house with no makeup. Of course I doll up for a night on the town, special occasions and going out for dinner, however, it is not a priority for me. This my grandmother picked up on…

Yesterday she called for a catch up and told me about a saying she had read and had thought of me… ‘Get up, dress up, show up’. Now she asked me to pay attention to the middle part! Now I bite my lip out of annoyance and that little voice in my head started with ‘what is she talking about… you’ve great skin… she saw you on a bad day… you weren’t going to see anyone…’ so on and so forth.

But as I listened to what she was saying to me I realised she had a point. When my grandmother was growing up she never left the house without her hair done, eyebrows filled in and a bit of lippy, she took pride in her appearance. She always wore flattery clothes and to this day she still does. There was no such thing as a lazy day when she was growing up and you would never catch her in a tracksuit!

So I’ve decided to turn the page, put in a little bit of effort, get rid of the clothes that I know are unflattering… Who said my comfy clothes can’t be flattering? Taking a leaf from my grandmothers book…

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